• Hydraulic cylinder for vehicle Model:GROUP
    Hydraulic Cylinder for Vehicle​/Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder/Truck Hydraulic Cylinder

    In the field of mechanical engineering we undertake all design works. Starting from the customer‘s demands and requirements on the product, we keep consultation with the partners.

    Vehicle Hydraulic Cylinder Features:​
    •Simple structure, small size, light weight, and high strength
    Designed according to the load and frequency analysis, adopt the hydraulic cylinder block of special materials, special welding technology, and supersonic fault localization inspection. The cylinder does not have buffering devices at the ends.

Hydraulic Cylinder for Vehicle/Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder/Truck Hydraulic Cylinder

In the field of mechanical engineering we undertake all design works. Starting from the customer‘s demands and requirements on the product, we keep consultation with the partners.

Vehicle Hydraulic Cylinder Features

•Simple structure, small size, light weight, and high strength

Designed according to the load and frequency analysis, adopt the hydraulic cylinder block of special materials, special welding technology, and supersonic fault localization inspection. The cylinder does not have buffering devices at the ends.

•Sealing System

The unique sealing system designed to meet the field work conditions can prevent the devastating pollutions caused by sands and dust. It ensures the optimum lubrication for the piston rod and prolongs the service life of the sealing parts while thoroughly solving the problem of outer leakage. 

•Safety Cylinder block

With special materials, cold pressing and tumbling treatment, the cylinder block has good degree of finish and rigidity, which meets the requirements of light weight and high pressure.

•Piston rod

Based on the medium frequency quenching technology and double layer plating (Hard chrome and nickel), the anti-rust and wear resistance of the piston rod gets improved.


Valves can be easily installed with various functions like slow return stroke, counting balance, and emergent shutdown according to the needs.


Used for various vehicles including crane truck,forklift truck,concrete pump truck,garbage truck,drilling rig etc.

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