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    Hydraulic Cylinder for Industry/Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder/Heavy duty Hydraulic Cylinder

    In the field of mechanical engineering we undertake all design works. Starting from the customer‘s demands and requirements on the product, we keep consultation with the partners.

    construction vehicle,construction machinery,shipbuilding,metallurgy industry,hydropower project.

Hydraulic Cylinder for Industry/Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder/Heavy duty Hydraulic Cylinder

In the field of mechanical engineering we undertake all design works. Starting from the customer‘s demands and requirements on the product, we keep consultation with the partners.

Vehicle Hydraulic Cylinder Features

● The max. rated work pressure is 32MPa. 

● Sealing system
All the hydraulic cylinders produced by our company adopt the seal ring products of Parker, Merkel and Busak+Shamban, which can meet the requirements of construction machinery, mining machinery, hoisting and transportation machinery. The seal system is of unique design, which effectively solves the problems of oil leakage at the piston rod and the dry friction of piston.

● Piston rod
The piston rod is made of high strength carbon steel with precision grinding treatment. With the design concept of improving the rod strength and the high performance heat treatment, hard chrome plating and CNC tumbling, the even veins and high degree of finish of the surface is guaranteed, and it has good oil membrane at the surface, which improves the service life of the seal parts. All the piston rods and piston parts has the safety factor of at least 4:1 at the minimum cross section, and the factor is based on the rated load. 

● Guide sleeve
The sleeve is made of high strength spheroidal graphite cast iron and high strength steel under buffering inner bore copper welding treatment. It can avoid the cementation and pull of steel parts caused by the friction of buffering sleeve and guide sleeve. 

● Piston and piston seals
The standard piston is of one-piece steel structure. The firm lock-up between the long screw thread and the steel ball is convenient for the installation and it also guarantees the reliable operation under high speed load. New design of screwing parts greatly improved the cross section where the piston rod bears the axial load and improves the strength of piston rod to the maximum.

● Application
construction vehicle,construction machinery,shipbuilding,metallurgy industry,hydropower project.


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